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Phillipians 1:12-30

Posted on: June 20th, 2018 by Antioch Wheaton
Andy Doyle continues our series as we explore the book of Phillipians.
Paul is writing from prison and is able to have joy as
1. The gospel WILL advance
2. Christ WILL be honored
Q1. What do you learn about God from the text?
Q2. What do you learn about man?
Q3. What can you apply to your life?
Q4. Who are you going to share this message with?
Take-away: God is HUGE and NOTHING can stop His plan to honor Christ and share his gospel with people. God won’t waste your suffering for the gospel.
Andy spoke of the 3,2,1 Gospel Presentation. 

What do you see as some strengths and weaknesses of this presentation? 

How do you start a conversation with the hope of sharing the gospel?

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