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Phillipians 1:1-11

Posted on: June 20th, 2018 by Antioch Wheaton

Andy Doyle begins our new series as we explore the book of Phillipians.

“Love Abounds in Gospel Partnership”

“Today we have looked at the truth that LOVE ABOUNDS IN GOSPEL PARTNERSHIP, and we’ve looked at this through four foundational phrases and words:

  1. Saints – all Christians are saints, none are more special than others.
  2. Grace – all Christians become saints through the gift of grace, both saving grace and then empowering grace, as we do the good works we have been saved for, and as we minister the gospel
  3. Gospel Partnership – we partner in ministering the gospel and fulfilling the call in the great commission to make disciples, by linking hands, sharing resources and praying for one another, whether in our local church, or part of a church which planted us so that we may reach the nation and nations with Gospel of Jesus Christ
  4. Love Abounds – the result of this is that Love Abounds. Individually as people enter the love relationship with God the Trinity through the Son, and then with others as we minister the gospel together.

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